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Dreamers are hopeful, active, buzzing with ideas, and have a strong desire to grow.

We are all Dreamers.

Then there are those who go further to turn their ideas into products, businesses, adventures, and opportunities that accommodate others and create the path for collective growth.

We call these people Doers; also popularly known as Entrepreneurs.

At Softcom, we believe in the power of the people who dream and those who act on their dreams. They contribute to the advancement of human existence and make the world a better place.

Over the past 3 years, Myself, Seindemi and Toyosi have worked very closely with Softcomers to discover the most significant problems faced by dreamers and doers in their quest for growth.

We want to accelerate the growth of dreamers and doers wherever they are, by providing them with intuitive digital solutions that enable them to make & grow their money, know and understand their lives & businesses better, and identify anyone, anywhere.

Our solutions and initiatives would help them act faster, with higher precision, no matter the size of their ambition.

Ultimately, we hope to contribute to the making of an open world with equitable access to intuitive digital solutions that address the most basic human needs and by doing so enable societal development, business growth and human prosperity.

This is a journey for us.

We will continue to improve our solutions and connect them to work better together. We would also ensure that they work seamlessly with solutions from other innovators, entrepreneurs and development enablers.

Yomi Adedeji

CEO Softcom (X)

About Softcom

We are a 14 year old company with experience in innovation, technology solutions for businesses and enabling access at scale…

Our products and expertise have powered various initiatives and growth projects for MTN, Cocacola, GB Foods, Rockefeller foundation, MTN foundation, ARM, BOI , Ardova PLC, Samsung, NIBSS, Gino, NAICOM and many other organizations.

We worked with these organizations to deepen customer intimacy, know more, plan better, serve their customers, increase revenue, improve decision making and deliver on their various objectives using Technology.

These experiences shaped us and contributed to our growth.

We now identify as a “Business 2 Entrepreneur” company - proud partner of potential to dreamers and doers with our solutions.

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