Serve your customers better.

Our tools make running your restaurant easier. You focus on the menu!

A better customer experience

Flip through orders. Receive payments. Fast.

Simplify your restaurant. Never miss an order. Accept all forms of payment: Debit cards, Bank transfers, USSD.

Reserve tables for moments that matter.

Easy bookings with Identify. Manage your capacity and make every guest feel like a VIP.

Feedback is the key ingredient for growth.

Get feedback from customers and employees. Improve your meals, quality of service, ambience and more.

One bank for everything money

Now you’re good to go!

Get a business account that suits your taste. Send, receive, save, and borrow money to power your restaurant.

Enhance your staff productivity

Clock in. Clock out.

Know when your staff resume and when they’re leaving. Keep track of your team’s hours at a glance.

Your recipe, our tools; taste delivered!

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