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Identify anyone, employees,vendors,guests,
anywhere. Seamlessly.

A convenient way to create, share and authenticate IDs. No paper, no card required.

one iD, Endless possibilities

  • New employee at work?
  • Expecting a visitor?
  • Hosting a special-access or paid event?
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Share instantly and conveniently.

  • Zero working days

    In less than 5 minutes, get IDs that can be verified anywhere.

  • No humans, no paper, no story

    Remove barriers, save yourself the time, money and energy.

  • Save on any device

    Your ID is always with you wherever you go.

Protect your interests, and theirs too.

Make contactless authentication on any device. Scan QR codes and verify people at any point of entry.

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  • Control access into your space.

    Define who can access your space and the time they do so.

    • Validity


      WHEN your space can be accessed.

    • Frequency


      HOW OFTEN your space can be accessed.

    • Attribute


      DECIDE WHO can access your space.

    **A space is your home, office or event place.

why usepass

Convenient. Secure. Seamless

One ID, endless possibilities.

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